“Know Your Enemy” Makes an Impressive Debut at Broken Goblet Brewery

March 11th 2023

 Written By Phillip Lebowitz

Know Your Enemy, a relatively newer Rage Against The Machine tribute band, has finally made their way to Broken Goblet Brewery. Last night, in front of an incredibly packed house, Know Your Enemy belted out the best songs of Rage Against The Machine. Nimrod - A Tribute to Green Day, also making their debut at Broken Goblet, was the opening act last night. Where Nimrod was the spark that got the crowd started, Know Your Enemy took that spark and turned it into a full blown explosion of energy and had the crowd raging all night.

Now let me say this, I was not planning on being at Broken Goblet last night, but fate had other plans for me. I was at a friend’s axe throwing birthday party, which was supposed to be the end of the night. My photographer covering the show texted me about how packed the place was, and the energy inside, so I made the obviously correct choice to get over there. Now I’ve been photographing shows at Broken Goblet for close to two years now, but with the exception of one other show I’ve attended, I cannot remember another tribute band filling out this venue like Nimrod and Know Your Enemy did. From the minute I stepped through the back door, I was met with tons of people, socializing and buzzing with excitement. Unfortunately I missed Nimrod’s set, but from past shows I’ve seen them at, and the talk around Broken Goblet, they were a huge hit.

Know Your Enemy came onto the stage, opening their set with Testify, the slow drum intro of that song, the perfect choice to build the crowd excitement. Then came lead singer Ryan Cheek, blasting onto the stage with a ferocity as the full energy of the crowd jumped to matched his every movement. Their high energy, 60 minute set consisted of all the best Rage songs, including Take The Power Back, Bulls On Parade, Fistful Of Steel, and Bullet In The Head, where Ryan launched himself off the stage into the crowd of raised hands waiting to catch him.

For being together less than a year, this band is incredibly tight. Bass player Ramon Lewis strums silently in the shadows, perfectly complimenting lead guitarist J Miglionico, who gets in the face of the crowd. Drummer John Bowers hits the drums with an intensity you can feel in your bones, while lead singer Ryan Cheek picks his spots to get close and personal with the fans, and others to fly high in the air. This group of four, all bring years of industry experience for a professional, high energy show.

They finished their set with the one-two punch of Fistful Of Steel and Killing In The Name. If those weren’t enough to send the amped up crowd home happy, their encore song, Bombtrack, finalized a dynamite debut night for this explosive band that will continue to wow crowds with their dedication to the energy the original band is known for.

Broken Goblet Brewery has become the premiere live music venue and one of the top breweries in Buck’s County. Easily accessible from right off of 95 on State Road, Broken Goblet has continued to grow and is continually improving an already impressive venue. Voted as the “Best Music Venue” for three years in a row in Pennsylvania, bands are now lining up to come and have the privilege of playing here. And why wouldn’t they, not only does Broken Goblet have some of the best audio and visual equipment available, they also are the only venue that can boast that they have the former touring stage of David Bowie. Yes the David Bowie. That’s it. That’s all that needs to be said.

Written by Phillip Lebowitz / The Photo Blur

Pictures by Phillip Lebowitz and Kristen Osman

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